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Serge Prengel interviews Greg Madison for Somatic Perspectives

Here is an audio recording and transcript of a conversation with me invited by New York FOT Serge Prengel for his series “Somatic Perspectives on Psychotherapy”. The discussion gives an insight into the spirit of the upcoming training by The London Focusing Institute, starting in February
Greg: Things that are important to me are … not getting hung up in the conceptual, or in technique, and when we have concepts, allowing them to migrate, allowing the concept to come into the current usage of it, so that it can shift and change and become more than what it was just than a minute ago when we first attached it to whatever was happening. So it’s a kind of deconstruction of concepts, and it’s to have … sometimes a radical sense of not knowing what should happen in therapy, not even knowing what “therapy” is, not knowing what “life” is, and being quite open to that. I guess related to that, is not knowing what is the status of the client and me in the therapy room? Are we two separate beings? In what sense are we separate and in what sense are we not separate? … And then the final thing from my point of view is not individualizing distress, I think we do so much of that in psychotherapy, and I’m questioning that more and more. How much of what we see in psychotherapy is almost masquerading as individual distress?