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Full Focusing-oriented Therapist Training, London, Feb. 2016

Certification by The Focusing Institute (NY) and The London Focusing Institute
This is a two-year post-graduate specialisation in Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy taught within the spirit of valuing the diversity of forms of FOT, emphasising existential and ‘being’ qualities. Students must already have completed a recognised therapy or counselling training or have completed such training before the award of certificated FOT can be given at the end of training.
The programme will be offered in English and may include invited teachers from across Europe, and local and international FOT supervisors who are able to support the integration of a Focusing spirit in therapy and psychology practice. In the latter part of the programme, students will be encouraged, at an appropriate stage of their learning, to offer Focusing-Listening introductory sessions to a local group (specialised populations or the general public). This helps to connect the programme to the local context and encourages the students to ‘own’ the programme as their own, within their own communities. It also helps to raise the profile of the training as a unique offering within London (or other local areas) and gives students a valuable opportunity to practice teaching this experiential way of being to their colleagues and community.