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Free Live Intro: Felt Sensing & Focusing

Have you hit a dead end in talk therapy? Discover an embodied, transformative, research-based tool.

Focusing is a natural ability to tap into a deep personal understanding about any given situation and determine next steps that would feel right.

We connect with this inner wisdom through a ‘Felt Sense’ –  an intricate mix of feelings, thoughts, body sensations, images, gestures, and more.

Would you like to incorporate Focusing in the healing work that you do

Learn how Felt Sensing and Focusing can facilitate personal growth and strengthen your professional healing practice at this Free Live Intro. With Certified Focusing-Oriented Therapists Jeffrey Morrison and Randi Love from The Seattle Focusing Institute.

Randi Love, MA, LMHC
Jeffrey Morrison, MA, LMHC






August 27  10:30 am – 12 pm  |  Zoom


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