Lucy van Praag


Certified Focusing-Oriented Therapist

Certified Focusing Trainer

Personal Statement

I have a background in bodywork. I came to Focusing and Focusing-Oriented Therapy through my training in Person-Centred Counselling and have a deep appreciation for the depth and gentleness of this holistic way of working, where the relationship between the body and the mind, and their inter-affecting nature is so honoured.
Training in Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy marked a movement for me in to a more explicitly experiential way of working therapeutically.

I love working with clients in a Focusing-Oriented way, for the way that it facilitates a deep attunement, whilst effecting real and tangibly felt changes.
The capacity to engage deeply with our own process through the felt sense is a highly individual experience, one that is deeply personal and unique to each of us. This explains something of why many people find both the Focusing-Oriented approach to therapy and the practice of focusing so revealing and so strengthening.


Office 1: Skype sessions.

Office 2: Telephone contact.

Public Contact Details:

telephone: (0044) 077 303 626 33



Languages: English

Professional Details:

Professional memberships with licensing or registering bodies:

BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).

Academic and training qualifications:

B.A. HONS in French Literature and Language
Post-Graduate Diploma in Person-Centred Counselling.
Post-Graduate Certificate in Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy.


Therapeutic services:

o  Individual psychotherapy/counselling
o  Individual Focusing sessions (guided Focusing, not ongoing therapy)
o  Online/Skype sessions
o  Telephone sessions

Areas of special interest or advanced training:


o I offer individual sessions for people to learn Focusing (open to the public)

Details of these and any other services:

I offer brief and long term Focusing-Oriented Therapy and Counselling.
I also offer guided Focusing sessions.
I offer Focusing training on a one-to one basis. My Focusing Fundamentals course takes place over 6 weeks. Follow-ups and repeats available.
ALL MY WORK IS ROOTED IN THE PERSON-CENTRED APPROACH AND OFFERED OVER THE PHONE. This service is available to anyone based within the UNITED KINGDOM and within the rest of EUROPE at no extra cost as I make the calls to a number of your choice at our pre-arranged time.


Recent Publications (5 years or less):

Touching Base Essentially, article on Wildwoman site.