Dr. Mia Leijssen



Focusing Institute Certifying Coordinator

Certified Focusing-Oriented Therapist

Certified Focusing Trainer


Personal Statement

In 1980 I attended a focusing workshop with Eugene Gendlin. I had the chance to be a client in a demonstration session with him. This experience was a turning point in my life. I came in touch with a bodily felt wisdom that was so much richer than anything of which I had until then encountered in my work as clinical psychologist and client-centered psychotherapist.
I made my doctoral dissertation on Focusing and became full professor at the university of Leuven, where I teach until now experiential psychotherapy.

I love my work as a psychotherapist, because that experience is a necessary source of inspiration for my teaching and writing, and most of all it keeps me in touch with my inner source.

Since 2009 I have also an international online course on counseling in existential wellbeing. http://www.existentieelwelzijn.be


Office 1: Belgium, Leuven, Tiensestraat 102

Office 2: Belgium, Keerbergen, Bosduifweg 9

Office 3: Online/Skype

Public Contact Details:

telephone: +32-(0)16-32 60 73 or  +32-(0)16-53 31 18

website:  http://ppw.kuleuven.be/klip/medewerkers/leijssen/mia-leijssen en http://www.existentieelwelzijn.be

email: mia.leijssen@ppw.kuleuven.be

Languages: Dutch, English

Professional Details:

Professional memberships with licensing or registering bodies:

Vlaamse vereniging klinische psychologen
Belgische federatie psychologen
Client-gerichte experi√ęnti√ęle psychotherapie

Academic and training qualifications:

Klinisch psycholoog
Client-gerichte experi√ęnti√ęle existenti√ęle psychotherapie
Doctor in de psychologie
Hoogleraar in de psychotherapie KU Leuven


Therapeutic services:

o  Individual psychotherapy/counselling
o  Individual Focusing sessions (guided Focusing, not ongoing therapy)
o  Online/Skype sessions

Areas of special interest or advanced training:

Existential wellbeing



o I offer training in Focusing-oriented Therapy (for professionals)

o  I offer training for organizations and teams

o  Consultation and Supervision for psychotherapists, psychologists, counsellors

Details of these and any other services:


Recent Publications (5 years or less):

I have published a lot since 1983. On the university website there is an overview and many direct links to my publications. http://ppw.kuleuven.be/klip/medewerkers/leijssen/mia-leijssen