Dr. Jim Iberg

Dr Jim Iberg


Focusing Institute Certifying Coordinator

Certified Focusing-Oriented Therapist

Certified Focusing Trainer


Personal Statement

Empathy and Focusing are my special skills. You can begin to learn Focusing and other valuable skills in our work together. I studied with Dr. Eugene Gendlin at the University of Chicago. Everyone, growing up, learns some feelings are “bad.” This produces obstacles to accurate perception. I am skillful at helping you find conflict-resolving passages that could remain hidden to you searching alone. With empathy, I work to create a safe environment in which you can explore feelings that may be difficult to approach on your own.
I listen to your “heart,” not just your mind. In your “bad” feelings, there is intricacy: healthy positive impulses mixed with ancient lessons about good and bad.

Through Focusing-oriented therapy you can become more flexible and gain access to abilities and bodily wisdom that will revive your spirit. You are likely to improve your ability to genuinely express yourself to others in ways that are well received and that you can feel good about.


Office 1: 2009 McDaniel Avenue, Evanston, IL

Office 2: 180 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL

Public Contact Details:

telephone: 847-864-0303

website: empathywork.com

email: ibergjr@aol.com

Languages: English, a little French

Professional Details:

Professional memberships with licensing or registering bodies:

Illinois Clinical Psychologist
Credentials with CAQH

Academic and training qualifications:

PhD in Personality Psychology from the University of Chicago
MBA University of Chicago
BA Northwestern University


Therapeutic services:

o  Individual psychotherapy/counselling
o  Individual Focusing sessions (guided Focusing, not ongoing therapy)
o  Couple/Relationship therapy
o  Focusing-Oriented Coaching
o  Online/Skype sessions
o  Telephone sessions

Areas of special interest or advanced training:



o I offer training groups to learn Focusing (open to the public)

o I offer individual sessions for people to learn Focusing (open to the public)

o I offer training in Focusing-oriented Therapy (for professionals)

o  Consultation and Supervision for psychotherapists, psychologists, counsellors

Details of these and any other services:


Recent Publications (5 years or less):

Working with anxiety in focusing-oriented psychotherapy. In Person-Centered & Experiential Psychotherapies, 12, 1, 33-45, 2013 (invited article based on plenary address to the 10th conference of the World Association for Person-centered and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counseling, in Antwerp, Belgium, July, 2012).