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A World Day of Listening October 21, 2016

A group of Listeners from around the world areĀ planning to hold a World Day of Listening on October 21st, 2016. We are open to welcoming any other individuals and groups who would like to join an event whose sole aim is to listen to people about their experience of the current world situation and of themselves living in this world. We are non-partisan and non-promotional. Our only aim is to provide the healing and forward-moving experience that happens when one person listens openly, without agenda, to another, allowing social change to move through each person. This is a gentle model of social subversion and activism. Though many of those involved are therapists and facilitators, it is not primarily a mental health or therapy event. Anyone with listening skills (trainings can be offered in many locations) can participate, activists, counsellors, academics, facilitators, pastoral workers, group workers, youth workers, active listeners, NVC people, mindfulness practitioners, Focusing people, coaches, social change persons…. See the Facebook group below for more information.

Guidelines (English, Portuguese, Italian, German and Spanish so far) are uploaded into ‘Files’ just under the group photo above… Please feel free to join us from around the world …