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Energy Flow Focusing free booklet

ENERGY_FLOWEnergy Flow Focusing Explorations, Passageways Into Your Hidden Treasures has been generously made available for free by the author, Christel Kraft, M. Ed. The text includes, “My evolving story with Focusing: How I live it. How I teach it. How it guides my students and clients towards their Hidden Treasures.” Topics include: A Deeper Spiritual Connection; Embracing All Our Parts/Aspects: The Shadow, Inner Child, The Critic; Focusing Exercises and Examples about Basic Needs and Irrational Ideas; Symbols and Dreams as Passageways; Application of Focusing to Career Counselling; Interactional Focusing for Conflict Resolution; Resources for EFT. TAT. books, etc.

Although the book is not specifically about Focusing-oriented Psychotherapy, it gives a clear and accessible description of the Focusing process itself for anyone new to this approach.

The book is available to download:  EnergyFlowbook.